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Pantalla circular LED del grupo Shenzhen OCT

The screen installed at Shenzhen OCT GroupCustomized LED Round Art Display in the enterpriseexhibition hall on the 3th floor of Shenzhen OCTbuilding is an indoor HD LED round art screen with3m diameter customized by XD visual. lt is madeby XD-p1.8 high grayscale and high refresh rateproducts, replacing the original round spraypainting. It does not only make the picture vividbut also gives the audience a new and brightfeeling. An HD camera is also installed at the backallowing the display screen to be switched to thescene outside the building at any time.

Located in the core of the OCT area, Oct building is the hub betweenthe north and south of Shennan Avenue. The building is shaped like acrystal clear diamond, inherits the genes of OCT ecology, art andculture, and injects fresh and vivid humanistic internal force andaesthetic experience into urban business. The building has completefunctions,covering class A office, headquarters business and artbusiness; Efficiency, wisdom and elegance, upgrading the currentpopular 5A intelligent office space to a 5E enjoyment office environmentof»ecoloqical green, efficient and convenient, elegant and humanisticpleasant enjoyment and scarce avant-garde»; The building advocates the principle of customer first, respects thecustomer-oriented business concept, and explores the infinite possibilities of opening the future city and business leisure life.