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Pantalla LED hexagonal del centro comercial Hangzhou Hubin 88

The 14 sets of 800mm regular hexagonal LEDscreens in Hubin 88 shopping mall in Hangzhou.Zhejiang are customized by XD vision. The effectis perfect, which has been highly praised by usersand has become a highlight of the shopping mall.

The hexagonal LED screen customized by XD vision meets thedesigner’s requirements for modeling and can becombined and decomposed arbitrarily, breaking the traditionalrules of LED display
Hangzhou Hubin 88 shopping mall is located at the intersection ofPinghai road and Dongpo Road, close to the wanghong punch inpoint music fountain of the West Lake. At the door is the latestwanghong punch in point wusen landscape of the pedestrianstreet. A few steps away is Asia’s largest apple flagship store,opposite the lakeside famous product street with luxury goods,which can be said to be the core business location of the lakesidepedestrian street. After the reconstruction of the shopping mall,with the sunken Art Square near the lake as the center, we striveto create a lakeside food characteristic space with the culture ofthe Southern Song Dynasty as the highlight.