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Cine volador de 720 grados de Chongqing

Chongqing 720 Degree Flying Cinema was built in 2019. lt is a patented product of XD, patent No.: ZL 2019 2 1032132.7it is the first naked-eve 3D flving theater for 720-dearee LED panoramic immersive experience of CG ultra-hiah definitionfilms in the world.

The project is using the latest domestic virtual technology to make the audience feel a more omnidirectional, superspace-time, and immersive visit experience from the perspective of vision, hearing, and touch.

This patent provides immersive display space through five display units to bring an excellent visual experience. Themoving seat can give a somatosensory experience, fully meet the request of the audience. Using the giant LED screerand multi-terminal control platform, we made a borderless experience hall, which takes visitors to diferent scenes. tcombines with multi-dimensional huge image display space. using data visualization and inteligent control technologyto integrate large-scale diital films and a large number of data demonstration media such as looking up at the starscrossing the present and future, looking at mountains, volcanic eruptions.