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Centro de servicio de masas del partido de Hangzhou

Hangzhou Party and Mass Service Center is located on the city balcony beside the Qiantang River, with a total area of ​​7,500 square meters. It was officially opened to the public on October 25, 2019.
Set up «two halls, two areas and two halls», that is, the comprehensive service hall, the party building publicity exhibition hall, the party-mass sharing service area, the party-mass enjoyment living area, and the organization
Living Hall, Wisdom Party Building Hall. Since its opening, the flow of people has exceeded 416,000, becoming another red landmark in Hangzhou and awarded the «2019
Annual Top Ten Major Events in the Construction of Spiritual Civilization in Hangzhou» «Temperature 2019 Hangzhou Top Ten City Cases».

Here, party members and the masses can obtain 10 party services such as reception by party representatives, employment guidance, assistance in difficulties, pioneer loans, legal consultation, and file inquiries.
Group service; you can fully experience the construction achievements of the first city of digital economy in Hangzhou, participate in the experience of time photo studio, learn party history by riding, party building pk answer
You can also experience «1+10» Hangzhou’s «City Core», «Red Memory», «Keep in Mind», «Digital Economy» and other 10 check-in activities.
State Classic Line Tour.

The digital creative LED products undertaken by Xindi Vision in Hangzhou Party-mass Service Center include: high-definition preface hall LED screen, LED interactive screen, LED immersive
Cinema, LED diversion screen, circular screen with a diameter of 2 meters, circular screen with a diameter of 3 meters, inner curved LED high-definition screen, etc… You can enter the red reading booth
Record a piece of classic poetry, go to the party history track to participate in a ride to learn party history, and enter the political birthday hall to review the oath of joining the party; you can also
Leave a good wish in the time capsule, go to the digital exhibition hall to experience a smart technology service, and experience the integration of three modernizations and digital Hangzhou in an immersive way.
Unique charm; you can also come to the handicraft workshop to experience the experience of intangible cultural heritage, go to the music workshop to learn guqin, and go to the fitness workshop to practice yoga, dance and other cultural and sports activities…
A spiritual sanctuary that entertains and educates, welcome to check in!