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Centro Internacional de Convenciones Qiu Chengtong

Based on «Cultural Tourism + Mathematics», Meizhou Yau International Conference Center pursues the characteristics of Jiaoling, refines the cultural connotation of Jiaoling, and displays Yau Shing-tong in an all-round way.

The achievement and spiritual connotation of Mr. The overall design of the exhibition hall is international and modern, and the space is embellished with Jiaoling Hakka elements with regional characteristics. The layout of functional areas is reasonable.

The exhibition content is brilliant, and it is an international multi-functional service complex integrating high-end conferences, academic seminars, competitions, cultural tourism and leisure. Xindi Vision in Meizhou Yau International。

The digital creative LED products undertaken by the conference center include: LED ice screen ring screen with a diameter of nearly 20 meters, LED smart sand table with a diameter of nearly 500 square meters, LED spherical screen, LED smart tree, etc…

Further play the leading role of its Meizhou cultural landmark and mathematics and science base, and become an important platform for first-class scholars from all over the world to gather and exchange ideas, promote culture with academics, and promote tourism with culture.

A cultural «new highland» in eastern Guangdong where academics, culture, and tourism are integrated and developed.