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Sala de exposiciones del lago Guangzhou Tianlu

The five led columns and immersive folding screencinema in Tianlu Lake exhibition hall of aerialStrawberry Garden in Huangpu District, Guangzhouare built by Shenzhen Xindi vision. The five led squarecolumn screens have excellent display effects and canbe displayed separately or coherently. They haveincomparable advantages over the traditional LEDscreen and can meet the display of complete imagecontent in a 360-degree.

The immersive folding screen cinema is composed ofthree LED uses seamless splicing andrendering technology to create a seamless andrealistic picture. Compared with the traditional LEDdisplay, the immersive folding screen has a largerdisplay size, wider field of vision, more displaycontent, and higher display resolution. By using XD’sunique immersive audio-visual system, it solves thetechnical problems that the details such as edges andcorners are not clear enough. lt provides the audiencea strong sense of presence in the high-quality soundand painting environment.