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Centro de servicio de masas del partido de Hangzhou

Hangzhou Party Masses Service Center is located on the urban bacony beside the Qiantang River, with a total area of 7500 square meters. It was ofticialy openedto the pubic on 0ctober 25,2019 and set up «two hals, two areas and two pavions, namely comprehensive service hal,Party Construction publicity and exhibitiorhal,arty masses sharing service area, party masses enjoying life area, organizaton ife hal and smart party construction hal. Since the opening of the museum, thenumber of people has exceeded 416000, becoming another red landmark of Hanazhou, and winning the top ten events of Hanazhou’s spoiritual civilizatior
construction in 2019″ and «top ten cities in Hangzhou in 2019»

Here, Party members and the masses can obtain 10 party mass services such as reception of party representatives, employment guidance,assistance in dificultiepioneerloan,legal consultation and fle guery; You can fuly experence the construction achievements of the first city of dicital economy in Hanazhou. particiate in10 punch in activities such as ime photo studio, cycding, party history and Party Construction PK answer, and experience the » + 10″ classic route tour ofHangzhousuch as «the core of the city , red memory , remember instructions’ and digital economy

The digital creative LED products instaled by XD vision in Hangzhou Party and Mas Service Center includes: HD prologue LlED screen, LED interactive screen,LEDmmersive cinema. LED diversion creen. etc You can enter the red pieasure reading pavlion to record a clasic poem and particioate in a cycind earnino parthistory activity at the party history track, Enter the political birthday hal to review the oath of ioining the party; You can also eave a good wish in the time capsuleexnerence an intelicent technolay service in the diaita exhibiton hal. and immerse vourself in the ntearation of three modernizations and the diferent charm o
digital Hangzhou: You can also come to thehandicraft workshop to experience intangiblecultural heritage.learn Gugin in the music an art workshop.and practice yoga, dance andother recreational and sports activities in theitness Workshop …

The spiritual holy land of teaching and funYou are welcome to punch in!